Member of the Eurojuris network

Puttinger Vogl provides access to over 50 legal systems


Our law firm is a member of Eurojuris International, an association of approximately 650 independent law firms in over 50 countries, primarily in Europe, but with members also located across the United States and in China and Japan.


Eurojuris law firms are mostly medium-sized law firms that are subject to the same quality criteria, have knowledge of the relevant languages and are therefore able to provide solutions to cross-border problems or initiate contact with experts in other jurisdictions.  All member law firms place special emphasis on providing a personal service to ensure clients are as satisfied as possible with the work undertaken by their lawyers.


Regular exchange with international colleagues


Eurojuris lawyers get together at annual conferences and at Practice Group Days, which are intended to encourage networking and the exchange of ideas. Fostering the exchange of professional experience and taking the time to get to know colleagues is an advantage that should not be underestimated in cross-border cases that require the support and expertise of foreign colleagues.

Visit to the European Court of Justice as part of the Eurojuris meeting in Luxembourg in 2014

In a "Europe without borders", companies are confronted with legal problems that extend far beyond the usual confines of national law. Although increased internationalisation has brought the world closer together, the law of one country is still considerably different from that of another. Engaging the services of an international law firm often does not help much because in most cases their offices are only located in the major cities. In many cases it is far better to get advice from a local law firm which is acquainted with local conditions and regulations.

Our association has members located in virtually all of the larger European cities (comparable with regional court districts). As a client of Puttinger Vogl, you have access to this network of law firms. By working together with our international colleagues, we can advise on cross-border matters and establish the necessary international contacts.

Dr. Wolfgang Puttinger is a member of the management board of EUROJURIS Austria.


Your (main) contact person for matters relating to German law:

Dr. Wolfgang Puttinger


Your (main) contact persons for any other cross-border matters:

Mag. Jürgen Edtbauer

Dr. Karl Weinhäupl, MBL, MBA