Corporate succession and foundations

The question of corporate succession will arise in the years to come for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide comprehensive advice to businesses on making arrangements for corporate succession and structuring and transferring the assets of the business to the next generation or to third parties and on establishing private foundations.

Depending on the specific situation of the company in question, this may include legal advice relating to inheritance and succession, family law, company law and taxation. We also work very closely with tax advisors. According to the personal and commercial goals pursued, we will draft a succession plan tailored to the needs of the company and the respective situation of the person in question and oversee its implementation by preparing the relevant contracts and testamentary dispositions.

Our services include:

  • Business transfers within the family

- Advice on inheritance and succession, family law and company law
- Restructuring the business with a view to transferring ownership
- Financial protection for the business and family members
- Drafting and executing the necessary contracts
- Marriage contracts, wills, inheritance contracts, contracts waiving inheritance and compulsory portions

  • Business transfers to persons outside the family

- Sale of the business (e.g. under the terms of an asset or share deal)
- Leasing the company
-  articipation of third parties in the business

  • Private foundations

- Establishing private foundations during the lifetime of the founder or upon his/her death
- Verifying deeds of foundation and supplementary deeds
- Ongoing advice on the law of foundations

Your contact persons (in alphabetical order):

Mag. Jürgen Edtbauer

Mag. Peter Vogl, MBA