Media law and public relations

There exists a certain amount of tension between what is currently reported in the media and the rights of the individual to privacy. The core provisions of media law are intended therefore to protect an individual's honour, privacy and the presumption of innocence. We advise not only media companies but also individuals and businesses on a wide range of matters relating to media law.

Furthermore, we have many years' experience of managing the communications process during the course of legal proceedings. Our law firm has the necessary expertise and knowledge of the media landscape and of the work carried by journalists. In the case of legal proceedings which attract media attention, we are also able to oversee this aspect on our client's behalf.

Our services include:

  • Checking and enforcing claims by private persons and companies under media and civil law (compensation, counter statements, injunctive relief, etc.)
  • Advising and representing media companies with regard to the defence of claims under media and civil law
  • Management of the communications process during proceedings of every kind (litigation PR)

Your contact person:

Mag. Peter Vogl, MBA