Sports law and the law of associations

Our attorneys hold positions and perform functions in associations, sporting organisations and unions and are therefore able to combine practical experience with legal knowledge. We represent associations and unions and help them enforce their interests, be it within or outside the organisation's structure, as well as individual members of an association or sportsmen or women, whether against the association or union or in disciplinary matters. However, the services we provide include not only the enforcement of disputed claims but also the drafting of relevant agreements and the provision of advice on how to proceed in compliance with the law.

Furthermore, we also provide support to those who promote sport, be they sponsors, agents or intermediaries or by providing other services within the context of sport.

Our services include:


  • Disputes within associations and unions
  • Providing advice and representation in connection with the liability of the bodies of an association
  • Drafting agreements for players/sportsmen and women
  • Drafting grant agreements
  • Representing sportsmen and women and associations in disciplinary proceedings
  • Establishing associations and drafting by-laws and articles of association


Your contact persons (in alphabetical order):

Mag. Robert Tremel

Dr. Wolfgang Puttinger

Mag. Peter Vogl, MBA